Workshop Sessions for Adults at We Are Girls


GENaustin knows that being the parent of a daughter can be hard. That’s why, in addition to our workshops for girls and our parent-daughter workshops, the We Are Girls Conference will have workshops JUST for parents, to help them learn how to better communicate with and guide their daughters through the challenges of adolescence. Read about the sessions below and then register to attend if you haven’t already!

Barb Steinberg: Teens, Sex & Truth (Session 1)
Although it may be hard to believe, research shows that girls want to talk about sex and relationships with their parents. Knowing this fact, however, doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to talk about these subjects. If you have put off “the talk” or are concerned about your daughter’s relationship, come to this workshop, led by Barb Steinberg, LMSW. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how her changing body impacts her decisions around sex and dating. You’ll get the latest statistics on teen sexual behavior and gain confidence on how to be the best front-line sex educator for your daughter and speak the language that resonates with her that will keep her coming to you for answers.

Ballet Austin: Someone’s Watching You (Session 1,2,3)

The choices you make to live a healthy lifestyle have a huge impact on your daughters health and well-being. You only get one body per lifetime. Do you give it the respect it deserves? Do your girls know it?

Head Way Consulting, LLC: How to Assist Your Child in Improving Their Executive Functioning Abilities (Session 1, 3)

Does your child have trouble remembering what was learned only yesterday? Would you like to assist your child in feeling more organized and become a better decision-maker? This presentation on improving your child’s executive function may be what you’re looking for.

Regain Your Time: Your Child’s Brain on Social Media: What You Need to Know (Session 1, 2, 3)

This presentation offers a common-sense explanation of social media to parents. It focuses on:
• the challenges of fractured attention which the lure of social media only makes worse,
• the explosion of attention disorders and how prevent a worsening of the symptoms in your child
• how to help your kids understand when they are not controlling their own attention, and the consequences of that, and
• the importance and power of focus.

A Discussion about Fathering Daughters (Session 1)

Come to a Dads-only discussion about the challenges and joys of parenting a teen or tween daughter.

Barb Steinberg: Empowering Your Daughter (session 2)

Girls today feel pressure to be “perfect” (straight A’s, a super athlete and supermodel beautiful). Their heads are spinning with images of girls/women and the mixed messages they receive about their strengths and what they can become. These pressures are damaging. An empowered girl is protected from these pressures for a lifetime. Attend this workshop, led by Barb Steinberg, LMSW, to better understand how different it is to grow up as a teen girl today and what we can do as parents to empower our girls, improve their self-image and assist them in making choices that lead them to happiness and confidence.

The Talking Room: Emily Roberts & Jane Flynn: What Your Daughter is Really Doing Behind the Screen & Behind Closed Doors (Session 2, 3)

Emily and Jane, the liasons between children and their parents, will share what girls tell them about what you need to know. Parents will learn about trends and how to spot technology use and abuse; experimentation with substance abuse and the truth about sexual behavior.

Sun Dragon Martial Arts and Self-Defense: How to Talk to Your Daughter about Violence (Without Scaring Her) (Session 2)

Have you ever wondered how to keep your daughters safe? This session will explore the risks that girls face, and strategies to help them handle these risks.

JC Community Consulting: She Calls Me Daddy (Session 2)

There’s no challenge for a man quite like being the father of a girl. This workshop will help dads learn about the important issues that dads with daughters need to understand.

GENaustin: Help My Daughters Being Bullied (Session 3)

Is your daughter experiencing bullying? In this workshop, parents will learn effective ways to support girls and empower them to overcome bullying.

Planned Parenthood: Talk First!  (Session 3)

Learn successful and effective tips on how to talk to your child about sexuality and become an “askable” parent. Find out how to identify teachable moments to share your values and beliefs. Know what to look for and when to speak up from childhood through the teen years.


Vanessa Wright