What It’s Like to be a We Are Girls Speaker

Contributed by: Aarti Bhat

Jamia Wilson Keynotes We Are Girls 2015

Jamia Wilson Keynotes We Are Girls 2015

As We Are Girls Conference Austin approaches, we take a look back at the 2015 event and what it looks like to inspire girls as a breakout session presenter. We Are Girls Austin is taking place on Saturday, November 5, 2016 at Austin High School, from 9am-3pm.


The 2015 conference showcased a myriad of amazing breakout sessions, from Zumba to friendship workshops to parental information sessions on how to talk to daughters’ about relationships. We were truly honored to have spectacular presenters on the special day, who really made these workshops shine, and without whom the conference could not have been such a success. “Our breakout session speakers are the essence of the day, they create so much love, energy, and learning among the attendees,” says Blair Stirek, GEN’s Project Manger, who coordinates the Conference.


Over 96% of presenters reported having an “Excellent” or “Good” overall experience at the 2015 We Are Girls Conference. “Everything went great, it was truly a pleasure to participate in this event,” said a presenter. “We had a lovely experience sharing our curriculum with the girls and their parents,” another gushed.


The 2015 attendees also had much praise for the presenters and conference overall. 91% of participants said they were likely to attend the upcoming 2016 conference. 97% of attendees gave the conference an overall grade of “Excellent” or “Good”. 88% said they felt more connected to other girls and adults, and 76% of attendees said they now feel more comfortable dealing with issues they had been struggling with.


“The keynote speakers were great… There is nothing that I can’t do,” one participant enthused. Another stated, “It was a comfortable place to talk about my feelings.”


Parents also enjoyed the conference. “I’m not the only mother struggling with the future as my daughter moves onto her teens,” a parent said of the solidarity and support the conference provided. Another parent noted that the conference had an impact on how she would communicate with her daughter in the future. “I will not jump to conclusions, I will stay calm and I will allow my daughter to speak what she feels.”


After reflecting upon these wonderful 2015 experiences, the Girls Empowerment Network team is more excited than ever for the 2016 We Are Girls Conference- Austin and would love for your company or organization to apply to become a breakout session presenter. The deadline for applications is Friday, August 19, 2016. You can find the application and more information about speaking here. We hope to see you there!


The We Are Girls Conference, produced by Girls Empowerment Network, is a statewide, multi-city event designed especially for girls in grades 3-8 and the adults who care about them. Featuring skill-building workshops and dynamic presentations, the We Are Girls Conference connects girls to relatable role models and encourages healthy relationships, educational discovery, and creative self-expression.


Felicia Gonzalez