“I Love Being A Girl! I Want to Go to WAG to Meet Other Girls Like Me”

GENaustin’s goal is to provide half of the attendees to our Conference with scholarships to attend We Are Girls free of charge. We know that the families of some of our girls are struggling economically, and that even $30 is too much of a burden for these families. But girls from these families are some of the girls who would benefit most from the sessions the Conference is providing. They need to attend, and for that, we need your help.

Here are some of the things girls applying for scholarships had to say about scholarships and why they want to attend:

I get bullied sometimes and sometimes I don’t want to come to school. It’s hard and I want to learn how to stand up for myself and help other people too.

I love being a girl! Being a girl is awesome. I want go to the Conference and meet other girls like me.

Right now my mom is going to school and money is really tight. Without a scholarship my family can’t afford to send me to the conference.

Sometimes girls worry too much about what other people say instead of what they know themselves.

We need to teach bullies that they can get in trouble for hurting other people. And we need to try and help bullies feel better about themselves.

Girls feel bad about how they look but they should be proud because we are all beautiful.

Will you help these girls? $30 covers everything at the Conference including a t-shirt & gift bag, lunch and a snack (in addition to the invaluable chance to bond with peers and choice to learn about whatever topics specifically apply to what’s going on in their lives). It’s going to be an amazing experience, and no girl should have to miss out. Scholarship a girl today!

Vanessa Wright