Donations of supplies wanted for campGEN Calm, Cool, Creative!

We are so excited for our first session of campGEN this summer, which will take place June 20th through 24th. It’s called Calm, Cool, and Creative and helps girls build stress management skills. We have a lot of fun, relaxing activities planned and we would love your support in making sure we have everything we need. Below is a list of items requested. If you would like to donate any of the below listed materials, please email our Operations and Program Coordinator, Sidney Kenley, at She can help you coordinate a drop-off time, preferably between 9am and 5pm, Monday – Friday.


Thank you for your GENerous support. You’re helping girls develop their self-compassion and self-care skills, so that they stay healthy and happy as they accomplish their dreams.


Items Requested:

  • Donations toward the cost of camp t-shirts ($2,000 in total). Donate here.

  • Bandanas – 100 Green, 100 Purple, 100 Blue

  • Mandala Coloring Books

  • Balloons (bag of 50)

  • Markers! – Preferably Crayola SuperTips Washable Markers in assorted colors –need a lot!

  • Multicolored Thread – 100 bundles

  • Large Round wooden clothespins – 50

  • Tacky Glue – 10 tubes

  • Glitter glue in different colors – 20 tubes

  • Beads – assorted beads for bracelets

  • Bracelet string or waxed string

  • 20lbs of uncooked rice (for stress balls)



  • Fruit for every morning

  • Snacks for every afternoon – 500 packs of a variety

Felicia Gonzalez