Congress Introduces ‘Truth In Advertising’ Act


A bill has been introduced into Congress which for the first time seeks to cast light upon the unregulated practice of altering advertising images. Called the Truth in Advertising Act, it calls for the Federal Trade Commission to study the use of altered images in advertising and prepare a report. It also requests “recommendations for an appropriate, risk-based regulatory framework with respect to such use” following an 18-month period of research on the links between unrealistic images and mental, emotional, and physical health issues.


While the Act doesn’t require any actual action on the part of advertisers, it’s an important step in calling attention to the pervasive and damaging use of altered images on self-esteem and well-being. And until Photoshop is regulated, it’s critical that girls are taught that the things they see in magazines don’t reflect what people really look like. GENaustin’s Real Beauty campaign teaches girls to be media literate, and to celebrate the inner qualities that truly make them beautiful. If you’d like to be a part of supporting our mission, visit


Vanessa Wright