A Mom’s Perspective on the Importance of We Are Girls


Last year, Jill Baggs and her daughters Eden (age 13) and Abby (age 11) drove all the way from Flower Mound, Texas (near Dallas), to Austin for the We Are Girls Conference. To Jill, though, the four-hour drive is well worth it, and she’s bringing her daughters back for a second year on November 12th. She shared with us why she happily drives so far every year to make sure her daughters have the opportunity to attend.

What was your experience like at last year’s conference?

It was AMAZING. I was so impressed with the focus and environment and non-judgmental energy. I also loved how varied the topics at the workshops were. There were so many different options for things for girls to learn about- not just body image and self-esteem, but also financial planning, healthy lifestyles, how to be a good friend- all these different topics that affect girls and that they need to know about.

What were  your daughter’s favorite things about attending?

The 11 year old really really loved the workshop about body image and the media and that what makes you someone to respect is what you do and what’s inside of you. For the 13 year-old, it was the workshop on the difference between aggressiveness and assertiveness, and that you can stand up for yourself without being mean. The very next week in school, she stood up to a girl who had been bullying her, and to me, just that one experience made the whole conference worth it.

 Do you feel like they came out of the conference with a different perspective than when they went in?

Definitely. So much of what they learn from society is the opposite of what they need to learn in order to be happy. And the We Are Girls conference helped them walk away with the self-confidence and the practical tools to be strong, and to know what is really important.

Complete this sentence: I come to We Are Girls because…..

One of my jobs as a parent is to give my daughters the tools to be happy. The world tells them things every day that do the opposite. The We Are Girls Conference gave them the choice, from all the different options available, to decide what applied to them uniquely. Whatever tools they needed, they could find there. We want our daughters to be well-rounded… but that is more than being involved in sports and music and a million activities. It’s about having the emotional skills and knowledge to be happy and successful.

Do you think it is worthwhile for people who are traveling from hours away, like you are?

Oh my gosh, yes. The workshop covers so many topics that are important for girls to learn about. If I had one complaint, it is that we couldn’t go to everything. I wish that the Conference could be four days, not just one.

 As a parent, what was the most valuable thing about the conference to you?

As parents, we have to make so many decisions about how we are going to spend our money and time. We have to make tough decisions about what matters the most. The We Are Girls conference helped my girls get back in touch with what matters, and I felt good as a parent that the Conference helped me provide that for them.


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Vanessa Wright