Volunteer Spotlight: Laura Furr

Laura Furr is our September Volunteer of the Month! Congratulations Laura!

“Laura was an incredible co-facilitator because she was so genuinely interested in the girls and loved talking with them/getting to know them. She helped me immensely by handing out passes to group members, leading check-in, reinforcing guidelines, and contributing to discussion. The girls at Bertha Sadler Means looked up to Laura and missed her when she was unable to be at group. Thank you, Laura, for your leadership and friendship the past two years,” says Chloé LaPorte, GEN Program Coordinator.


Laura has been involved with Girls Empowerment Network for five years – she has consistently volunteered with the We Are Girls Conference and has been volunteering weekly with Girl Connect for two years. Laura is an inaugural member of the Girl Advocacy League and serves on the Communications Committee. Not only is Laura devoted to GEN, but she influences others to support GEN! Talk about #GENspiring!

We asked Laura some questions about herself and her love for GEN – take a look!

1. Why did you choose to volunteer with GEN?

I found out about GEN through my friend from college Brittany who is the Community Relations and Volunteer Manager at GEN. Once I heard what the mission of GEN was I immediately wanted to get involved. For the first few years I volunteered at WAG and then I got more involved and moved on to weekly programs, but I still volunteer at WAG every year since it’s so fun!

2. Do you have a specific experience from volunteering that has impacted you?

Yes. While volunteering at Bertha Sadler Means Young Women’s Leadership Academy, I was walking around the school giving girls passes. A girl from a group we had in a previous semester saw me and came over to give me a hug. She told me she wished she was still in the group and that she really missed it. It meant a lot to see that we’re making an impact!

3. Do you have any advice for future volunteers?

Don’t be afraid to get started! For a while I thought the idea of weekly volunteering was overwhelming but once I started it works well with my schedule and has become a highlight.

4. If you could go on a road trip with anyone famous anywhere in the world, who would it be with and why?

I’m a really big Beyoncé fan and I have always wanted to go to Marfa so we would go to Marfa.

We are so happy to have devoted and passionate folks like Laura volunteer with GEN – her positive attitude and confidence is the definition of #girlpower.

Felicia Gonzalez