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Youth Ambassador Council


Putting girls and young women at the center of the organization.

The Youth Ambassador Council (YAC)

The Youth Ambassador Council is an important component of this practice. YAC members are young women ages 15-24 who give feedback about Girls Empowerment Network’s programs and ensure their relevance to girls in grades 3 – 12 through directly contributing to projects and volunteerism. Each YAC member has previous experience with Girls Empowerment Network’s programming, ranging from participating in Girl Connect when they were in middle school to serving as a high school mentor.



Girls Empowerment Network Member

Anika Chokhavatia

Anika Chokhavatia is a junior at Westwood High School. She enjoys working with others and serving the Austin community. She is an active Girl Scout and member of the National Charity League. Music is Anika's passion and she enjoys playing many instruments including the flute, piano, and ukulele. Anika is a huge environmentalist and cares deeply about many social issues that plague society today. She is adamant on challenging the negative stereotypes that are prevalent in the world around her. Anika's goal is to inspire girls to pursue their passions. She is a part of Girls Empowerment Network because she wants to help all girls "ignite their power".

YAC Erin Cox Headshot.jpg

Girls Empowerment Network Member

Erin Cox

I am a sophomore in high school at Regents School of Austin. I found out about Girl’s Empowerment Network from one of my friends who heard about it at her school. She invited me to be a part of the Pathfinder Leadership Summit 2019. I went and loved it. My favorite part about GIRLS is the community and the environment which enables girls to be open to learning and being empowered.


Girls Empowerment Network Member

Priyanka Gupta

I'm Priyanka, and I'm currently a junior at Westwood High School. I first experienced the power of the Girls Empowerment Network before my freshman year, and it completely changed my perspective on being a female in the world today. I love practicing professionalism, self-compassion, and self-efficacy in every aspect of my life. I love learning about STEM and teaching science to girls in my community, and I am a fierce advocate for equality and justice in regard to today's global issues. In my free time, you can catch me dancing with my team at school, watching Netflix with my sister, or baking with my family.


Girls Empowerment Network Member

Saanjali Majmundar

Saanjali Majmundar is a junior at Westwood High School who is passionate about empowering young women. After looking for an activity to do during the summer, she discovered the Girls Empowerment Network and was curious to see how it would benefit her. She attended the Pathfinder Leadership Summit this summer and learned about the importance of self-efficacy and becoming a leader, as well as made many new friends! She believes that every girl has the potential to become a confident leader and advocate for themselves and others. Apart from being involved in this organization, music is also an essential part of her life. She has been playing the viola for 5 years now and is a member of her school's orchestra. She also enjoys trying out new clubs like Model United Nations to learn more about current events and debate. In the future, Saanjali hopes to inspire many girls and help each of them discover their potential.

austin miller.jpg

Girls Empowerment Network Member

Austin Miller

Austin is a senior at the University of Texas studying Arabic, Anthropology, and Education. They have been working with the Girls Empowerment Network since they were in high school, making this their fifth year as a Youth Advisor. They have also enjoyed helping with lots of GIRLS programming over the years, as well as an internship in the summer of 2018. Austin loves the positive, upbeat attitude of Girls programming and staff, and the GIRLS philosophy of igniting the power that they know is already present in girls. They are also co-president of Labyrinth Progressive Student Ministry at UT, and they enjoy working with kids and spending time outdoors.


Girls Empowerment Network Member

Risitha Namburi

Hello! I’m Rishitha, I am a Junior at Round Rock High School.  I’m passionate about girls’ rights and can't wait to start making a difference! I do several activities such as student council, deca, and hosa. I love being involved in things and to helping the community! I’m thrilled to work with the Girl Empowerment Network and be part of YAC!


Girls Empowerment Network Member

Alana Olsen

I’m a senior at Westwood high school, I heard about Girls Empowerment Network through my mom who told me more about their mission and I attended Pathfinders last summer. What I love about our mission is to ignite the power in girls to be unstoppable, it allows not only me but so many other girls in our community to believe in their power and ability to do whatever they want with the support of so many others behind them. I am also involved in being a counselor in training for the second year at Austin Sunshine Camps helping and leading kids of all ages from low income have a get away and enjoy and take in the nature all around Austin. In my free time I love hiking and spending my time outdoors with the people around me and exploring my beautiful city. 


Girls Empowerment Network Member

Sudiksha Pradhan

Sudiksha Pradhan is currently a junior at Westwood High School and is delighted to be a part of the Youth Ambassador Council this year. She first found out about GIRLS through the Pathfinder Leadership Program, which sparked her interest in girl advocacy by getting to network and gain knowledge on how she can make the most out of her interests. Inspired by such an igniting program, Sudiksha is now glad to be working with a strong group of changemakers at the YAC, hoping to empower other girls. Throughout the year, Sudiksha loves volunteering at the hospital, attending debate tournaments, exploring nature, or dancing to the newest hits with her friends.


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