Meet The

Girls Empowerment Network Staff



Project Management Assistant - UT Work-study

Veronica Froozan


Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Public Health (Health Policy & Management) at the University of Texas with a minor in Anthropology

Experience: I have acted as a Freshman Research Initiative Researcher and Mentor in a molecular genetics lab at UT for two and a half years now! We work with DNA recombination, E. coli, and various strains of Arabidopsis thaliana plants. I’m also a member with the student organization NAMI on Campus at UT where we work to promote mental wellness and educate the public on mental health topics.

What I love about Girls Empowerment Network: Girls Empowerment Network provides a whole new dimension for exploring the possibilities that girls are 100% capable of achieving. The team not only focuses on teaching girls about practical things, like technical skills and navigating social spheres, but it also serves to simply remind girls that they are important. I love that the focus of the Girls Empowerment Network is on igniting a girl’s power.